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A Broad Range of Services


Outbound Telemarketing – Outbound Call Center – Telemarketing Company

The Telemanagement Group offers a wide array of outbound telemarketing services. From telemarketing lead generation to demographic profiling teleservices, no other company offers as varied a selection of outbound telemarketing options.

Outbound Call Center - The Telemanagement Group's dedicated industry professionals will design an outbound telemarketing solution that will increase your product sales and service sales by proven teleservices concepts, techniques and applications. We support dedicated and shared outbound call center professionals for your outbound telemarketing campaign, so you can receive reliable service consistently throughout the term of your programs.

Outbound Teleservices

1. Telemarketing lead generation

2  Product sales

3. Service sales

4. Primary research

5. Customer satisfaction surveys

6. Reminder calls

7. Demographic profiling

8. Proactive upselling and cross-selling

9. Telesales

10. Telemarketing lists

Inbound Telemarketing – Inbound Customer Service – Inbound Call Center

While outbound telemarketing is important to attaining business, inbound call center and inbound telemarketing services are critical to running your business efficiently and successfully. The inbound telemarketing services we provide include web-based chat, customer care, technical support and dealer locator services. These inbound teleservices streamline business processes and improve customer confidence.

Inbound Call Center

We also provide a dedicated staff of inbound call center agents so you can be sure your clientele always get the support they need and deserve. Our dedicated inbound call center, inbound telemarketing and inbound customer service agents will take care of all your inbound teleservices needs.


Inbound Teleservices

1. Web-enabled customer care

2 Web Chat

3. Internet order processing

4. Product sales

5. Service sales

6. Dealer locator

7. Technical support

8. Direct response

9. Third party verification

10. Electronic appointment setting

11 Interactive voice recognition (IVR)

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